Contemporary Rapper, AKA has revealed some of the reasons why he doesn’t see eye to eye with fellow muso Cassper Nyovest.

The father of one bluntly accused Nyovest of being a thief.


AKA  said that way back when they were still in good books, he told Nyovest about the idea he had been toying with, approaching one of the Telecoms companies and enter into a partnership to launch a branded phone.


akaThen, Casper told me to hold on and wait for the right opportunity to strike, Little did I know he wanted to run with idea himself. That was my idea. He stole it from me’’- AKA claims.

He also added that Cassper also stole the whole idea and lyrics behind the hit song ‘Mama I Made It’’from him.!

” Many people will think I am just hating on the dude, I mean he has a bit of talent, I give him that but its high time people know he is a thief and a crook, an opportunist who will stop at nothing. That ‘Mama I Made it’ song was my idea but he just robbed me like that. No credit no nothing,” fumed AKA

“I got some more info on many other atrocious things he has done, but this is all I will say for now,” AKA signed off.

Effort to get a comment from Cassper Nyovest were unfruitful.


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