He had failed to produce a son and his friends mocked him for it. So he cut off part of his 4-5! According to a report in the South China Morning Post, this is the horrific action that a frustrated Chinese man took on Monday night. He lives in a village outside Quanzhou in the east of China. Chinese culture generally values boys more than girls.

The dad of two daughters had apparently been drinking heavily with some friends. He was upset about not having produced a son and, when his friends teased him, he picked up a knife and hacked off about a 2,5cm piece of his 4-5.


His family soon found out. They put the hacked-off piece of his 4-5 in ice and rushed it and the 36-year-old man to hospital.

The shattered man was reportedly so ashamed, he begged the doctors not to reattach the piece. But doctors decided to perform do so anyway.

It is expected the man should be recovered within a year.

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