A husband was arrested on a charge of assault after beating up two of his seven wives because they refused to have sex with him at the same time, police in Zimbabwe said.
Now, 37-year-old Shepherd Kayawe of Chinamhora, has been ordered to pay a fine of $40 after being convicted of two counts of assault.
If he fails to pay the fine, Kayawe faces up to 20 days in jail for assaulting his fifth wife, Dorothy Vhudzi, and sixth wife, Sinodia Moyo.
According to the police investigation, Kayawe is married to seven women. Around 2:30 a.m. on Monday, Kayawe came home and summoned his fifth and sixth wife into his bedroom.
Kayawe demanded that all three have sex with one another, but the women refused.
In protest, Kayawe attacked the women with closed fists. He then kicked them both because they refused to have sex with him that night.
The following morning, the women called the police. Kayawe admitted the allegations, saying that he got angry because his wives refused to listen to his commands.

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