IN the Mzansi World of soccer, he is known for being Orlando Pirates’ number one fan! But Goodenough Sithole is more than that. Goodenough, who is best known as 5 Skippers, released his first single called 5 Skippers in 2010, which he also released in a full album.

Goodenough Sithole


Now he is back with his second single, 5 Skippers 2.

He told SunBuzz that the popularity of his first album made him realise that he hadn’t made a mistake by following his dream to become a recording artist.

“I compose my own music. Orlando Pirates’ fans adore my songs as well.

“I also make a point of taking my music to people around me and all over the country,” he said.

Goodenough said he has performed in Mpumalanga and Gauteng.

Besides counting live performances as the highlight of his musical career, he said having other artists feature him in their songs or on their albums was an honour.

“I am open to performing at private events and people can book me any time.

“I also want to help keep the youth away from drugs and inspire those who dream of becoming musicians,” he said.

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-Daily Sun

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