GOGO SANNA thought it was the right thing to do to lend R7 000 of the church’s money to a desperate friend.

But her act of kindness is costing her a fortune


It’s a long five years ago since gogo Sanna Kubela (79) begged the mashonisa to lend her the money.

The friend said she needed the money for bail for her daughter.

Gogo didn’t hesitate. She took R7 000 of church money to help her friend pay bail.

But the friend never paid back the money and the church treasurer demanded the cash back.

The desperate gogo from Etwatwa, Ekurhuleni was forced to turn to a mashonisa.

So far she has already paid about R20 000 and she will have paid more than R30 000 before her debt is paid!

She said the mashonisa now waits for her as she receives her pension money.

“He takes it all and leaves me with only R10 to catch a taxi. I regret being so kindhearted. I feel like killing myself,” she said.

“I want something to be done so that woman pays back the money. My life is messed up because of her.”

Besides the money, gogo Sanna’s relationship with the church is ruined.

“People think I don’t pay my debts because of this woman.”

Gogo said she has taken her friend to the small claims court and even a traditional authority to force her to pay but nothing works.

“I don’t know what to do anymore,” said gogo.

Daily Sun spoke to Monica Mokoena, who admitted taking R7 000 from gogo, but claims she repaid the loan.

“That gogo just wants my money. I paid her. She can take me to court again, if she wants to,” she said.

One of gogo’s neighbours said they believe gogo and they have been trying to intervene.

“But that woman won’t give her the money. She owes many people. She’s a crook and she didn’t pay gogo,” the neighbour said.

Neighbour Joyce Langa said gogo had to borrow money from them because she didn’t have food in the house.

“We lent her R2 500 but she hasn’t paid us because of her problem. We know the woman who did this to her. She’s a crook.”

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