Nompi Mavundla begged her son repeatedly to change his evil ways. But the 34-year-old man did not listen – and today his mum is lying dead in the mortuary!

The 75-year-old gogo from Nkandla in KZN was allegedly killed by men who accused her son of stealing from them.


The gogo was sleeping in her house on Tuesday when four armed men stormed in and demanded she hand her son over.

The men accused the gogo of hiding him and shot her several times when she said she did not know where he was.

gogo killedA neighbour said she heard the men shouting at Nompi. She heard shots as she was preparing to go and help the gogo.

“I got scared and decided to call the police. I saw men running out of the house and I hid until I saw the cops’ van,” said the neighbour.

She said the men had come to see the gogo on Sunday, but they left when she said her son was not at home.

“Nompi was worried, as she had not seen her son for days. She told me the men accused him of stealing, but they did not tell her what he stole,” the neighbour said.

“She used to beg him to change, but he never listened.

“Today she is dead because of him.”

Gogo Nompi’s daughter, Nelisiwe Mth- sali, refused to comment, saying it was a family matter.

Lieutenant-Colonel Shooz Magudulela of the police confirmed the incident.

“The gogo was shot and killed by unknown suspects,” he said.

“She sustained a wound to her left shoulder and the right side of her lower body.

“The motive is not known at this stage, but a murder case is being investigated,” Magudulela said

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