HER baby daddy hanged himself inside her home after a fight.Now residents are accusing her of killing him and are gunning for her blood,

The 20-year-old grade 11 pupil from Congo informal settlement in Inanda, north of Durban, now has to write her final exams in hiding.Since the incident on 22 October she had been forced to go into hiding.


Her 22-year-old baby daddy apparently hanged himself in her bedroom in front of their one-year-old son.At the time she had fled to a friend’s home after he had allegedly beaten her.

“He was accusing me of cheating on him after he saw me wearing my friend’s jacket. When I finally managed to escape he remained inside the house and hanged himself.

“Now the residents claim I bewitched him to be crazy about me.”She said she was unable to focus on her exams after the incident.

baby-daddyShe said: “I fear for my life after receiving private calls threatening to kill me if I attended the funeral.

“I couldn’t attend last Saturday as they had vowed to cut me into pieces for being the cause of his death,” she said.

She said while she is being intimidated by the thought of being killed, she still pictures her baby daddy swinging dead next to her bed.

“I don’t know whether he is haunting me because I did not attend his funeral, or if it is just my thoughts,” she said.

She said she did not know if the residents’ threats were fuelled by her baby daddy’s family, but had heard rumours that they were saying they had many unanswered questions about his death.The baby daddy’s sister said his family had no problem with her.

“But we would have appreciated her letting us know he was beating her over the cheating allegations. We knew about the allegations but were not aware they were so serious,” said the sister.

KZN police spokeswoman Captain Nqobile Gwala confirmed that an inquest docket was opened at Inanda Police Station.

“The girlfriend is advised to report the matter to the police if she is being intimidated,” said Gwala.

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