Having started her journey as a traditional healer in 2001‚ media personality Letoya Makhene admits that balancing her practice and being a celebrity hasn’t come without any obstacles.




During an interview with Bona recently‚ Letoya revealed that she has stopped consulting with clients as a traditional healer at her practice in Kempton Park CBD. She pointed out that as her profile began to soar‚ after joining Generations: The Legacy‚ she was apprehensive of the idea of being alone in her practice.

“I ran my practice for a while; and things were okay‚ until I joined Generations: The Legacy. This raised my profile‚ and I started feeling a bit uncomfortable being alone in my shop‚” she told the local publication.

“As a healer‚ I don’t fear anything‚ but I had to be realistic about the world I live in. So‚ I’ve stopped consulting‚ for a while‚” she added.

However‚ the actress explained that she’ll always be a traditional healer‚ saying: “Once a nyanga‚ always a nyanga; idlozi lakho mayifun’ ukusebenza izokusebenza gogo‚ ayina ndaba ukuthi uwbani (when your ancestors want to work through you‚ they will do so‚ it doesn’t matter who you are).

BONA further reports that as Letoya’s popularity continues to rise‚ more people are purporting to seek help from her‚ in order to feed their curiosities about a celebrity traditional healer.

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