Gareth Cliff has slammed the Sunday Times for what he insists is a “sensational and misleading” headline.

The matter has been referred to his legal team,” CliffCentral.com co-founder Rina Broomberg said.


Gareth dominated the trends list on Sunday after the story went viral.

“Yes, I gave Mara that ‘spiked’ drink,” read the headline of an article about Mara Louw and Gareth Cliff.

gareth1The paper reported that Gareth admitted in his new book that he “poured” the drink that led to Mara’s well-publicised erratic behaviour on the show.

In interviews at the time Mara admitted to mixing alcohol with her medication, which she said caused her odd behaviour on the show.

Mara’s contract with M-Net and Idols was not renewed after that season.

“Matter in the hands of my legal team. #FallaciousReporting,” wrote Gareth on Twitter.

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