Residents were last weekend treated to a bizarre late-night free-for-all drama.This was after an unidentified man, said to be a well-endowed Casanova, differed with a suspected woman of easy virtue, whom he had brought home for a randy romp.

It is said the woman changed her mind and unsuccessfully tried to flee after she discovered the man is hung like a donkey.He made matters worse when he confessed to her that he had taken Viagra to boost his performance that night.


What began as a small argument between the duo over the woman’s change of heart quickly spiraled out of control and turned into a shouting match.It all started around midnight when neighbours were woken up by noises from the usually quiet home. The tipsy woman was heard telling off the man, repeatedly shouting that she be left alone because she can’t sleep with a man that big.

Much as the man is said to be randy and always entertains different women at his house, some whom residents say are of questionable character, this was the first time such an embarrassing and dramatic incident had taken place.

Some of the curious neighbours stepped out of their houses to check the source of the noise. Some said they initially thought the home had been attacked by thugs.

They knocked on the gate when they heard a woman demanding to be left alone as the man yelled in a bid to calm her down.

He was heard pleading that he had spent a lot of money on her and had even invested in libido-boosting tablets, just because of her. He was heard vowing that he was not going to let his hard-earned cash go to waste.



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