The so-called sangoma looked real in his animal skins and spoke so convincingly that many families in Khayelitsha fell for his money scam.

But when he tried the evil trick on a family from site C, it backfired. People were attacking the 26-year-old fake Ugandan sangoma before cops bust him for fraud.


Crossroads and Khayelitsha residents said he targeted women with pension packages. The last incident saw him trying to cheat a gogo’s family out of R240 000.

When she caught wind of the con, he tried to make her believe he had died.

Police spokeswoman Nasiphi Same said the man promised the family he would double their money. “The suspect convinced

them to sell their house and buy a bigger one, promising them he would pay for it. They sold the house.

“The last deal worth R40 000 was handed over to the suspect on 22 February. When they called the suspect the next day they were told he had died in an accident.

Fake Sangoma arrested
Sergeant Mvuisi Booi and constable Luhle Bako and Daniel Ntautiso with the bogus healer bust for fraud.

“The family approached the police and they found him in his vehicle in Browns Farm. He tried to flee but was arrested.”

He tried to fool all his victims the same way. “He said all the right things and made you believe him,” said Asanda

Nxeleku (35) from Khayelitsha, who lost R10 000. She said when she tried to phone him after paying, he was always

busy. “Then someone else answered and said he had died.”

She said she was shocked when she saw people attacking him and heard he had been arrested. “I got the shock of my

life when I realised he was still alive.”

Sangoma Khanyisile Kheswa warned: “No real sangoma will tell you to sell your house, or that money will increase, or rob people, because ancestors are not crooks.”

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