Former South Africa’s Generations actor and musician Anga “NaakMusiQ” Makubalo was on Saturday night arrested and detained at the Bulawayo Central police station for failing to perform at a show he was paid in full for at Club Forty 40 in 2013.

NaakMusiQ, who played MJ in the now-defunct Generations, was in the city to perform at the “Call Out Party” at Horizon Night club. He was picked up from his room at a local hotel, according to sources.



He is said to owe Club Forty 40 management R18500 for performance fees and airfares for a show involving him two years ago. Club Forty 40 was celebrating its first year anniversary in 2013 and MJ was supposed to guest appear with fellow actor Senzo, Thami Mngqolo, who fulfilled his billing.

His two-hour detention at the police station delayed his performance as he only got on stage at 1.30AM. Efforts to get a comment from police yesterday were fruitless.

Club Forty 40, proprietor Dumisani Mutorera said all he wanted was a refund of the R18, 500 he paid NaakMusiQ’s management.

“All I wanted from them was the money I paid for him (NaakMusiQ) to perform, two years ago. I gave them R18, 500 for performance fees and airfares. When I wasn’t getting any luck I decided to make the report during that time,” said Mutorera.

“I think because they’re based in South Africa they could afford to give me the run around when I asked them to refund me. I would call them until a time they blocked my phone number because I wanted them to pay my money back.”

He said after negotiations at the police station, NaakMusiQ and his management agreed on how they would pay him back.

“Thereafter the police let him go and he performed at the show,” said Mutorera.

NaakMusiQ’s manager DJ Tenny T said: “The issue was between Club Forty 40 and D-rock the organiser last time. It has nothing to do with Anga (NaakMusiQ). It was just a small misunderstanding.”

Joe the OG organiser of the show said after hours of negotiating with Mutorera, the show went on as scheduled.

“At the end of the day everything went well and the people who were involved came to a consensus. NaakMusiQ’s fans got to watch him and he rocked the stage,” said Joe the OG.

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