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A man in a wheelchair and his girlfriend were found dead in their bedroom at a house in North West.

The Modise family found the body of their brother, Oupa Modise (53), hanging from the roof beam of his bedroom while his girlfriend, Lydia Mpetsang (67), lay dead in a pool of her own blood.


They were last seen nearly two weeks ago at a nearby shebeen.

The shocking discovery, which has left residents with a lot of questions, was made on Monday at Itsoseng, near Lichtenburg.

Oupa’s sister, Patricia Modise (59), said that the couple used to fight whenever they were drunk. “We tried several times to stop their relationship because we realised that they would end up killing each other,” she said.

James Lebuso (60), Oupa’s brother-in-law, added: “We are still surprised as to how a man who had no legs could reach the roof to hang himself.”

North West Police Sergeant Kelebogile Moleko said an inquiry into the death of a disabled man who was found hanged and a woman who was found with several stab wounds had been registered for further investigation.


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