February Update on Isibaya

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Monday, 3 February – The Loss: Samson rages at the loss of his mkhovu while Mpiyakhe flees into the night. Duma makes a shocking discovery.

Tuesday, 4 February: The Chase

Thandeka has a dream. Mkabayi seeks comfort with Shadrack. Samson offers a reward to his drivers.

Wednesday, 5 February: Obstacles

Mpiyakhe’s vague memories of home give him purpose. Iris convinces Jabu. Lerato finds common ground with Mamnisi.

Thursday, 6 February: Hope

News of Mpiyakhe’s sighting propels the family. Mamnisi pampers Shadrack.


Monday, 10 February: The journey home

The family travel to the valley. Jabu tries to get the information they need. Fezile interrogates Sandile.

Tuesday, 11 February: Pursuit

Mpiyakhe gets closer to his target. Jabu and Iris follow up on the evidence they have found.

Wednesday, 12 February: Devotion

Sunday orders Mehl’emamba to help Samson. Duma starts to ask questions about Mazondi. Mehl’emamba makes a shocking discovery.

Thursday, 13 February: Loyalty tested

Mkabayi makes a shocking discovery. Jabu connect with Lerato over music.


Monday, 17 February: Condemned

S’bu is devastated by Samson’s complicity. Lerato is kicked out of school.

Tuesday, 18 February: The trap

Mkabayi avoids a trap. Mdu and Jabu are worried about Mandelic’s plans.

Wednesday, 19 February: Entrapment

Mpiyakhe, has  flashbacks to when he was being Mkhovufied and has a score to settle with his enemy.

Thursday, 20 February: Covering Tracks

Shadrack, the drivers and Jabu plead their case to the school board. Samson tries to destroy the evidence.


Monday, 24 February: The Truth Reveled 

Sunday tortures Mehlemamba for information. Lerato returns to school. S’bu gets shocking new information from Duma.

Tuesday, 25 February: Falling into place

Mpiyakhe is drawn to Sunday’s homestead, but puts his life in danger once again. The pieces of Mimi’s investigation start to fall into place. Thandeka and S’bu grapple with their new reality.

Wednesday, 26 February: Dreams and clues

Thandeka dreams that her father is trapped. Sunday’s shack burns to the ground. Mimi and Tony arrest one of their own.

Thursday, 27 February: Hidden pain

Great jubilation amongst  the Zungus. Thandeka comforts S’bu in his pain. Mimi and Tony get too close.

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