TEBOGO told the SunTeam that he never used to believe stories about tokoloshes – but he won’t laugh at those stories again!

“It’s the smell of a farting tokoloshe that’s convinced me.”


Tebogo Mdunge (39) from zone 3 in Meadowlands, Soweto said the evil creature knocks on his door in the morning, farts, laughs and runs away, leaving only a smell behind.

He said he has no idea why the short, naughty creature started visiting him in December last year.

“The terrible smell takes hours to clear,” he said.

“My head spins. I feel like I’ve smoked something and I’m sleepy all day.”

Tebogo works at a construction site and starts working early in the morning. He said the knock comes when he is getting ready to go to work.

“The knocking doesn’t stop – I have to open the door. That’s when the tokoloshe laughs, farts and runs away.”

He said he called on a sangoma but it didn’t help.

“The creature disappeared for a while but then came back again.”

Sangoma Magudulela Nkosi said he’s never dealt with such a stubborn tokoloshe.

“I did all I could to help Tebogo. I don’t know what to do anymore,” he said.

Sangoma Jabulani Mthimkhulu from Soweto said the farting will bring bad luck to Tebogo.

“He needs to be taken to the river and be cleansed with strong muthi. The tokoloshe may keep on farting but Tebogo will be protected from bad luck,” he said.

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