GAGASI FM presenter Diva Kadach nearly met his fate.

This when thugs allegedly stabbed him and left him for dead.


According to sources, “Diva”, real name Lwazi Blose-Cele, was said to be attacked on his way home from Max’s Lifestyle from the Durban July Wrap-Up Party, recently.


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Sources said management at the station struggled to get hold of him for two days and then went to his house in Umlazi, south of Durban, but didn’t find him.

The source alleged that after two days of searching, they were called by the local hospital to inform them of Diva’s whereabouts.

“He was in a critical state at the hospital,” said the source. The source claimed that even though Gagasi FM management suspects Diva was stabbed by thugs who wanted to break into his home, it’s also suspected he could have been attacked by people who hate him because of his sexuality.

“Diva is gay and proud. He had received threats about his sexuality before. Some people here, especially men, are still struggling to accept gays,” said the source.

Gagasi FM spokesperson, Khulekani Shandu, said: “All I know is thugs took his phone. I don’t know about other stuff. But we’re glad he’s alive.”

Diva was not available for comment. He was in hospital.

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