Thomas Maselwa and Modo Banyane lived together for 18 years, but when he died his family didn’t want Modo to bury him. Modo (53) from Eden Park, Ekurhuleni said she was heartbroken when her husband had to be escorted to the grave by cops.

Thomas (59) died last Thursday. Modo said she was harassed by Thomas’ family who came to her house in Eden Park, demanding that her husband should be buried in Soweto.


And then, on Saturday, the mourners were gathered in the tent and the minister was on the pulpit when cops arrived.

“Police told the minister to stop preaching because the brother of the dead man would be taking the body to Soweto for burial,” said Modo.

She said the two families were actually fighting for control of the coffin.

Thomas Maselwa and Modo Banyane
Modo Banyane is comforted by her niece Funeka Adams` after cops interrupted her husband’s funeral service.

Modo’s family won the fight and Thomas’ body was taken to Kromvlei Cemetery but Mishack Maselwa, the dead man’s brother, followed Modo’s family to the graveyard with the police.

“My husband was not a thug to be escorted to the grave by the police. He didn’t have a dignified funeral and now Mishack wants to dig up the body.”

Modo said she would take Mishack to court if he caused more trouble.

Modo’s niece, Funeka Adams, said some mourners left when the fighting started.

“Thomas was taken to the grave as if he had no friends and family,” she said.

Archbishop Patrick Dlamini of the Holy Apostolic Church said it was unfortunate that people didn’t respect funerals.

“People should bury their loved ones in peace,” he said.

Mishack said Modo doesn’t exist in their family no matter how long they were together.

“The case is in court,” he said. “I want my brother to rest in peace.”

-Daily Sun

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