Sushi King” Kenny Kunene has bedded many women. And he never talked about his love life… But now he’s named the only two adulter0us affairs he regrets!

Kunene opened his heart to the SunTeam as he spoke about a book he will publish in December.


He said: “I have dated more celebs than it takes to fill a Quantum. But two of these women gave me the greatest regrets of my life!”

This means he had sex with more than 15 celebrities, since a Quantum is filled with not less than 14 passengers.


Kenny+KuneneShaking his head sadly, the Sushi King said: “My two biggest mistakes were former Generations actress Sophie Ndaba and radio personality Zama Ngcobo!”

The former politician, club DJ and businessman, told the press he regrets dating the two beauties – and refused to go into details.

But that’s only until his book comes out!

He was quoted as saying: “I can’t believe I dated Sophie Ndaba. I just can’t believe that. It was a very tight relationship. I don’t want to go into the serious stuff. That’s one of my biggest regrets.”

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