He is a muscular hunk whose popularity has grown in leaps and bounds since he made his debut on the popular SABC 1 soapie Generations:The Legacy just over a year ago.

He’s loved and adored by many of his fans-females in particular.


But even if celebrites are popular,there are still times when they should learn to bite their tongues.

Just ask Vuyo Dabula,who plays the role of the ruthless Gadaffi.He’s now on the receiving end of a slew of insults after he humiliated several admirers at the recent Metro FM Music Awards.

His worst offence was when he told a female groupie to wash before asking him for a hug.

“You must go take a good bath and clean up nicely before asking for a hug,”he reportedly said.”Generally,I don’t give hugs.It’s not in me.”

Vuyo’s fans stood at the entrance of Durban’s International Convention Center waiting to greet him.
“Gadaffi,Gadaffi,Gadaffi”,they screamed,barely able to contain their excitement.

But the actor apparently couldn’t be bothered to interact with his fans.He just stood at arm’s length,and waved briefly beofre he disappeared inside


As fans begged him to return,Vuyo helped himself to vodka and shook his head as he laughed at the eager crowd.The drama unfolded in front of the DRUM team,who watched open-mouthed.

We spoke to Vuyo’s fan,Mandisa Gumbi,who says she asked for a hug but Vuyo repelled her by telling her that she stinks.

“He is one of the celebrities I came to see n the black carpet,”she tells us.”But after today,I’ve lost all respect for him.I wanted an honest hug and a selfie.He told me I needed to take a long bathe before I could get a hug.”
Mandisa is clearly shocked and angered by Vuyo’s words.

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