Eskom is stepping up maintenance in preparation for the winter demand

The power utility said it had embarked on a maintenance programme over this long weekend to improve the performance and reliability of its power generating fleet ahead of winter.


“We are implementing appropriate levels of planned maintenance in line with the Generation Sustainability Strategy to ensure long-term plant health. This has resulted in a reduction of the number of plant breakdowns over the past seven months‚ positively impacting plant availability‚” Eskom said.

“In terms of our existing Generation Sustainability Strategy‚ our aim is to achieve 80% plant availability‚ 10% planned maintenance and 10% unplanned maintenance over the medium term.”

The electricity parastatal noted that it had not had to implement load shedding for over seven months and that its prognosis for the rest of the summer going into autumn and winter was that there would be no load shedding.

It nevertheless urged consumers to continue to use electricity sparingly at all times.

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