A 38-year-old man from Durban, Mbuso Ngema was told by his doctor that he had only less than six months to live following a terminal cancer diagnosis.

Now the man has come out to the media to claim there is not even an ounce of cancer remaining in his body. He accidentally cured himself of the disease when he decided to have as much se_x as he could before dying.


His doctor, Dr Lee Andreas backed up the story and said that the man’s blood shows no more signs of the cancer which had been threatening his life only a few months ago.

“When he first came to me, I told him he just had a few months to live because his cancer was rapidly spreading. It was progressing so quickly that I did not expect him to last two months at most. His condition was so bad that even if a seizure had occurred, he would not make it,” the doctor recalled.

“I am certainly shocked at this miraculous recovery but I am very happy for him. I mean who wants to die, like ever? While I am a man of science there is no doubt that this is clearly the hand of God, there is no other explanation that comes to mind,” he said

When Mbuso was hit by the meteorite that he had a few months to live, he refused to give up, as has always been the motto in his life!

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