A COP who tried to stop a drunk man from slashing car tyres was stabbed on Saturday. The 19-year-old man went wild and started slashing eight police vans’ and two detective cars’ tyres outside Nyanga Police Station, Cape Town.

He was part of a group of homeless and mentally disturbed people sleeping outside the cop shop.


A witness said the man is part of the scary group that sleeps outside the police station.

“It was easy for him when he went berserk for people to just watch and not do anything. He is big and strong.”

“He was doing this so he could disturb the police. Maybe his friends were busy with some illegal activity and sent him to slice the tyres so the police could not respond when called.”

Community policing forum member Martin Makhasi confirmed they are challenged by mentally disturbed and sick people who sleep at the station.

“It is not safe for the police or residents. The departments responsible for these people must come on board.

Drunk Man slashes Tyres on 8 Police Vans

“I also ask residents to report crime when they see something. People were watching this man but did nothing. They should have informed the police and all this damage could have been avoided,” he said.

Lieutenant-Colonel Andre Traut said the suspect was due to appear in court today.

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