DOZENS of mourners gathered to pay their last respects to two priests who drowned during a baptising ceremony at the Vaal River last week.

The two, Luyanda Fulumeni (20), a priest at New Naledi Apostolic Christian Church, and Lungile Fulumeni (20), a priest at the Methodist Christian Church in South Africa, were officiating at the baptism ceremony of a church member.


They drowned while the congregation was singing hymns.

Their cousin, Thandiwe Fulumeni (22), said people were singing hymns when the two waded into the water.


pastorShe said: “Part of the church rules is that the congregation must look away when priests are praying in the water. We were singing hymns when Luyanda and Lungile went into the river. I am not sure why, but something made me turn and look and that is when I saw two hands waving.”

According to Thandiwe, her cousins were filling in for another priest who did not show up.

They were buried at Vanderbijl-park Cemetery on Saturday.

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