THE brightly coloured sweets look like a normal packet of jelly babies.

And when children see the small plastic bag filled with sweets, they immediately want to have a taste.


But that taste could be the beginning of a lifelong drug addiction!

Yesterday we reported that a new drug called jelly babies has taken the streets of Durban by storm.

The drug, which resembles a sweet, was found at a house in Chatsworth, south of Durban, over the weekend.

The house allegedly served as drug laboratory.

Sam Pillay, CEO of the Anti-Drug Forum South Africa, said parents should warn their children about the dangers of accepting sweets from strangers.

He said it is not known how widely the drug has been distributed.

“This drug’s main ingredients are dagga and ephedrine, a medicine used to treat asthma patients.

“The drugs are packaged in small plastic bags,” said Pillay.

Nomusa Ngcobo, a parent, said she was disturbed when she heard about the new drug.

“Drug dealers are doing everything they can to get our kids hooked on drugs.

“I will warn my children not to buy the sweets packaged in plastic bags.

“Teachers should also be warned about this,” said Ngcobo.

Another parent, Manana Mathonsi, said it’s going to be hard to get kids not to buy sweets on the streets.

“Our kids will end up stealing from us to get money for the drugs,” said Mathonsi.

Police spokeswoman Nqobile Gwala said cops received a tip-off from residents about the laboratory.

“We are still investigating whether this drug has been sold to any schoolchildren,” said Gwala.

Gwala added that cops founds plastic containers and bowls filled with chemicals when they raided the house.

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