Zinzi learns the truth about her family and runs away from home. Rhythm City, weekdays at 7PM.

Monday, 7 September
Zinzi finally learns about what happened to her baby brother. The information is overwhelming.  Reneilwe convinces Bash that what he did was wrong and enlists him to help her get Sifiso back. Shakes goes on air and tells the world that he is not an eligible bachelor and that he is very much involved with a very lovely young woman called Mampho. A devastated Doc goes to Bongi to look for his daughter but she is not there.


Tuesday, 8 September
Doc and Thandeka are losing their minds as every attempt at finding Zinzi fails. Solomon challenges Doc to take responsibility for her running away. Bongi uses alcohol to numb the pain of Zinzi going missing and Lerato reaches out to her.  Shakes wants to take his relationship with Mampho to the next level. Mampho struggles to decide whether or not to tell Shakes that she is HIV positive.  Emmanuel still pines after his first heartbreak, Sabelo’s sister, Mapula.

Wednesday, 9 September
Zinzi is still missing from home and Doc is losing his mind trying to find her. She rocks up at Kilowatt and twists Bash’s arm until he agrees to sell her some booze. The night doesn’t end well for her. Mampho is caught in the dilemma of whether or not to tell Shakes about her status. Her fear of losing him pushes her into making a decision she’s not ready for. Meanwhile, Emmanuel gets creative in his quest to win back Mapula.

Thursday, 10 September
Sabelo notices that there’s still a spark between Emmanuel and Mapula.  Mampho’s nervous about the big night with Shakes. And when she confesses her secret, she fears she had every right to be.  Zinzi’s slipped into a coma. A furious Doc takes it out on Solomon, Lerato and Bongi.

Friday, 11 September
Doc lashes out at Lerato for bringing Bongi to the hospital but Thandeka defends her. Zinzi pulls through her alcohol poisoning ordeal, but blames herself for Kwanele’s death. Doc attacks Solomon for telling Zinzi the truth, but Solomon tells Doc to take responsibility for his own mistakes. Thandeka plays tough love with Bongi and tells her to clean up her act. Mampho fears that she’s blown things with Shakes after telling him the truth about her HIV status. Reneilwe gets Sifiso to talk to Shakes. Shakes reveals that he doesn’t want to be tied down right now.


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