DJ Zinhle has spoken out about her thoughts around Bonang and AKA during an interview with Anele Mdoda on 947.

Anele, who did not hold back, spoke to Zinhle about the possibility of Bonang becoming Kairo’s step-mom.


“If AKA and Bonang do get married and she has to become Kairo’s step-mom, you fine with that,” asked Anele.

Zinhle replied with a simple “ja,” to which Anele said “as long as she shows that she loves Kairo?”

It was then that Zinhle elaborated on her answer, explaining that AKA knows what is best for their daughter.




“Listen, Kiernan knows what’s best for Kairo and if he thinks she’s what’s best for Kairo, then me and Bonang are having tea.”

In the wide-ranging interview, Zinhle admitted that she is kind of seeing someone, but insisted that they are not “official official.”

She also spoke about being happier now more than ever before, explaining that when she was going through a tough time she had a tattoo done that didn’t really hurt. When she recently had another tattoo done, it hurt a lot. The implication being that the pain of her first tattoo wasn’t as bad as the emotional turmoil that she was going through, whereas the new, small one was so sore, hurting more than her current emotional state.

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