Tabloids have accused DJ Zinhle of dating a married business tycoon who is said to be well-connected with powerful friends.

An unnamed source painted the DJ and businesswoman as a home wrecker, “The businessman is happily married and is highly unlikely to leave his wife for the DJ.”

The identity of the businessman was not revealed.


Zinhle who shares daughter Kairo with Aka initially chose not to respond to rumours when contacted for comment from Sunday Sun, “Please stop calling me, you usually write whatever you want, go ahead.”

Frustrated with false rumours tainting her character, Zinhle finally broke her silence on Twitter yesterday.

“I wouldn’t normally respond to lies told about me in the media but I feel an obligation to people who respect me & look up to me & my family”

DJ Zinhle


While Zinhle’s priorities at the moment do not include dating, she is not swearing off men all together and is open to finding a future love connection.

DJ Zinhle tweet

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