Businessman and media personality DJ Sbu has hit out companies, who produce drinks, alleging that they copied his energy drinks’ marketing campaigns, in an effort “to be relevant.

Taking to Instagram on Thursday afternoon, Sbu revealed that he is not mad that other companies are allegedly ripping off his marketing tactics, but instead, is flattered.


Dj sbu“We are not mad. We wish them well because we know that imitation is the biggest form of flattery,” he wrote, before claiming that while they can be “copywritten,” they could never be “duplicated.”

“They can try steal our ideas all they want because they are too lazy to think, but there’s many more where those came from. We are creatives. We innovate. We are gamechangers. We the future,” he added.

He further explained that his energy drink, MoFaya, is more than just a business. In addition to “selling a social entrepreneurship lifestyle,” Sbu claimed that it is also about telling an African story, which he says is what his unnamed competitors have failed to realise.

“We are building our own Coca Cola. We are showing the world it can be done. We are about changing lives & inspiring a new generation of innovators with a #BillionaireMindset.

“We are the #BillionaireGeneration thays why we are going to become the no.1 brand! #WeCantBeStopped,” he said.

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