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When Gogo Alina Mokotedi’s panties first started disappeared, she thought the wind had blown them from her washing line.

So she was quite surprised when the missing panties returned a couple of weeks later . . .


But by then they were all stretched and torn as if a beast had worn them!

The confused 70-year-old gogo of Chief Luthuli kasi in Daveyton, Ekurhuleni said she feared for her life.

She said every time she leaves her house some piece of underwear goes missing. The gogo said her nightmare began four months ago when the first pair disappeared. “At first I thought I had misplaced them or forgotten them on the washing- line,” she said.

gogo panties disappear

But to her shock the undies kept returning, all stretched and full of holes.

They had no elastic band left and had a lot of holes all over.

The gogo told Daily Sun she took the news to her church leaders, who told her to pray hard because Satan was trying to tempt her.

Her neighbours on the other hand encouraged her to see a sangoma but she said she felt uncomfortable doing that. “I don’t believe in sangomas, although sometimes I feel like consulting them. I’m not sure what to do,” she said.

She said sometimes food also went missing from her fridge. “I don’t know how they enter the house. I am afraid I will be poisoned.”

Alina’s neighbour Tebogo Simenya (54) said at first she didn’t believe it.

“But then she took me to her house and I saw more than 10 pairs of her panties ripped like they were played with by a beast. “I have never seen such a thing,” said Tebogo.

-Daily Sun


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