Dineo Ranaka knows all about hogging tabloid headlines for all the wrong reasons.

In fact there was a time when Dineo raised eyebrows on the regular.


From being embroiled in social media spats to have her messy splits splashed across news wires‚ Dineo’s been through it all.

The good news is that that person is long gone.



Taking to social media recently Dineo took some time out to reflect on the woman she has become today.

Dineo shared a personal letter she wrote to God on Instagram‚ which expresses how grateful she is for all of her blessings.

“Thank you for bringing me to the woman I always knew I could be. It took me a while to learn from your lessons. In all honesty‚ at 32‚ I couldn’t be more ripe‚ more content‚ more in tune.”

Dineo added that there were numerous occasions where she was shamed‚ misunderstood and shunned‚ but has managed to come full circle.

“It took me a while of being shamed‚ a while of being misunderstood‚ it took me a while of being shunned. A while of being rebellious and stubborn‚ yet you? You’re perfectly on time with the gifts you bear for me.”

Dineo went onto add that reflecting on her journey made her incredibly emotional.

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