TV and Radio personality Dineo Ranaka is in very hot SOUP! Last week Sunday Sun reported an incident which took place in an upmarket Jozi restaurant, in the exclusive gated suburb of Dainfern.

Persons who were present in the Piatto restaurant alleged that the unruly Dineo assaulted a girl 10 years younger than her.

Tehila Nothnagel attacked by Dineo Ranaka
Tehila Nothnagel (22) claimed she was assaulted by Dineo Ranaka.

Sources claimed that Dineo, who was celebrating her birthday, allegedly plunged a bottle of champagne into 22-year-old Tehila Nothnagel’s face.

And last week, Douglasdale cops confirmed to the SunTeam they’re actively investigating the incident.

According to the Douglasdale station commander, Brigadier Lettie Hugo, her members are also investigating threats Dineo is said to have made against Tehila on social networks.

Dineo threatened to beat Tehila again on Instagram. Here’s the post she made:

@dineoranka: It was an ice bucket you idiot! And I would do it again! Talking smack about my kids, my children when you’re drunk as F! I would beat you the F up again! I’m not your age mate neither am I your friend! I would ice bucket you again any day for talking smack about my kids. You’re a pathetic attention-seeking, drunken idiot! Handle your liquor or I’ll handle you!

@dineoranka: As I said: Go ahead and tell the world that Dineo Ranaka autographed your stupid ass face with an ice bucket for talking smack about my kids. I’ll go to jail for my kids. Think I’m afraid of the press? I fear nothing, no one! I would ice bucket you again any day! You will learn to respect your adults and people’s kids!

The SunTeam contacted Tehila, who said: “I don’t know what her problem is, but I’ll just let the law take its course. She will have to answer to the magistrate”.

At Douglasdale cop shop, Brig. Hugo, confirmed a case has been opened, and told the People’s Paper: “We’re waiting for one document in the complaint and then everything will be sorted out as soon as possible.”

Dineo’s phone rang unanswered and she could not be reached for comment.

Daily Sun

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