While we count our pennies to buy a drumstick from Chicken Licken, Queen B is dishing out cash faster than an ATM.

Bonang posted a snap of a pair of black heels on her Instagram. “Look what I bought myself myself today. A little @guiseppezanottiworld never hurt nobody.”


Well, they hurt her pockets, that’s for sure.

For those of you who don’t know, Guiseppe Zanotti shoes are really expensive. According to their website, these shoes called, Witch, normally go for $1.425.00. But the designer brand has slashed that price to half and it’s now going for $712.50. We did the maths for you and with our current exchange rate, that means Bonang paid around R11 200

Also consider that that price is direct from the store, not including import costs at which a retailer would likely hike costs.


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