WHEN raw sewage started spewing out of a blocked drain, the residents phoned the municipality to fix it.

But it was Friday afternoon, and the municipal workers told them they don’t work overtime.


When the municipal workers finally unblocked the drain on Monday, they allegedly caused a further stink by leaving raw sewage everywhere!

Residents of Umjindi, near Barberton, Mpumalanga yesterday appealed to the municipality to help rid them of what they call “The Devil’s Perfume”.

The residents saidthey spent the entire weekend breathing smelly air from the burst pipe.

Resident Bongani Thwala said: “We’ve been breathing Devil’s Perfume all weekend, and now we wonder when the pipe will burst again.


dog“The government must find a permanent solution to this mess. We want something to be done about this terrible smell that still lingers in our homes.”

Thwala said the foul smell crept into his house on Friday before spreading to his neighbours’ places.

“The broken pipe flooded the entrance to my house as well as several other houses,” said Bongani.

He added that when municipal workers finally arrived to fix the mess, they left used condoms and nappies lying all over his yard.

Thwala said it wasn’t fair that workers did not clean up his yard after fixing the pipe.

“I am expected to pay for services at the end of every month. We have no water and I don’t know how to clean the mess,” he said.

Municipal spokesman Sam Jele said he had forwarded queries to the relevant authorities.

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