Residents of Browns Farm in Philippi, Cape Town found the body of an unknown man in on open field on Saturday morning.

Nkosinathi Mthembu (41) was returning from night shift at work when he made the discovery.


He said: “I always walk through this open field when I go to work and come home.

“We walk in groups to avoid being robbed by thugs. About six of us were together when we saw the body of a dead man. He is not from this area because no one knows him.”

Nkosinathi added that many strange things were happening in the area.

body found in open field in Cape Town

“One morning on our way back from work we saw a woman in her 40s running through the field naked. Last week we saw a man who was stabbed above his left eye. When we asked him what happened he said that he was robbed by two thugs on his way to the train station.

“He said it happened in the same field. Police need to patrol this area more often.”

Thandiwe Smanaga (35) said she believes the unknown man was killed somewhere else before being dumped in the area.

“We don’t recognise him. I believe this person was not killed here because there is nothing around him or any marks showing that there was a fight. He was killed somewhere else and dumped here,” she said.

Lieutenant-Colonel Andre Traut confirmed the incident.

“The circumstances are being investigated. No one has been arrested yet,” he said.


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