While the selfie culture and society allows for public displays of self-love, an alarming trend is displaying one’s intimate relationship on social networking sites. Young couples abroad and few in India are posting bedroom selfies together in a bid for comments on how hot they look.

Showing off your love life
Selfies has become the ultimate symbol of narcissism, but bedroom secrets are best reserved for the parties involved. They are not meant to be used as a tool to make others envy either your chemistry with your partner or your bedroom ambience. Pakistani author Reema Abbasi says, “The bedroom loses its sanctity to become an open playground where you mask lies with public displays or indulge in reckless ‘spontaneity’. Having said all this, I believe it takes guts to be like the Kardarshians.”


The make-belief world today is creating a frenzy in exhibiting their private little world which was until now confined within the four walls from the world outside.

naked selfie

Sign of social acceptance
It would have been fine had selfies been just a way of recording precious moments, but once it becomes a pressing need to get a thumbs up from friends and strangers online, it is a thing to worry about. It’s like we care more about how we appear to the outside world and it comes only when the outside world accepts us about the way we look and behave.

Says Priyashmita Guha, a sales executive in the city, “Though I am definitely selfie-obsessed, taking selfies to the bedroom goes to a different level altogether. My experience tells me that people who need to display affection to others are generally the ones who are unsure of their love. They always need others to validate it for them. I have also seen it as a way to cover up flaws in relationships. Besides, sometimes, these pictures are risque and liable to be misused by others on the internet. So, though I am not against people clicking bedroom selfies, I feel sharing them can be risky.”

When it becomes an addiction
Once we get into this habit of public displays of one’s love life, it becomes rather difficult to snap out from the addiction and draw the line. It seems to have become some sort of competition to share on social networking sites everything from birthday bashes, engagements, marriages and anniversaries.

Celebrities have always been doing it, but for ordinary people, it could be exhibitionism gone extreme, where you don’t exist unless you post a picture of yourself that garners ‘likes’ on social networking sites.

Danger lurks
Bedroom selfies should never be clicked at the cost of invasion of one’s security. They put you at risk of anti-social elements lurking around on social media. Experts say, “There is no guarantee that the private moments in our bedroom that we so generously share with our friends can be misused after being photoshopped by some criminal and used for blackmail or pornography. There is a need to draw the ‘Lakshman Rekha’ somewhere and make a conscious decision to not get carried away and share more than is necessary on social networking sites.”

Says a psychologists, “One has to be extremely responsible and careful in uploading intimate pictures as they can be easily accessed by the hackers and misused. The consequences can be grave. It is not worth taking the risk just to seek attention.”

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