TV/radio personality Cyprian Ndlovu has shut down gay rumours that according to him seem to follow wherever he goes.

Although he clarified that he is not gay, Ndlovu strongly maintains that he is not bothered that he has been labeled by some as gay since there is nothing wrong with homosexuality.


He voiced his support to the LGBTI community, theorizing that perhaps the gay rumours were started because of his close relationships with many gay people in the industry.



The biggest misconception about me is that I’m gay. I was watching 10 over 10 the other day, they did a top 10 of the sexiest guys [and it came up]. Maybe it’s because I’m comfortable around gay people and I have a fair amount of gay friends in the industry and people just automatically assume that you swing that way,” Ndlovu pointed out.

“There is nothing wrong with gay people, you can give me the label. But it’s disrespectful to some degree when someone pins that label on you, if you don’t identify like that. It’s not something that I try to run away from. It’s that simple. It’s either you are or you are not, and I am not. But some people will just not respect that and I’m ok with it.”

Ndlovu is a self-proclaimed metrosexual and is quite comfortable with his masculinity, proudly announcing during our conversation:

“I’m metrosexual and I’m comfortable with that. I love myself. I get a manicure or pedicure at least once a month. I take care of myself, I love taking care of myself. I put in that bit of effort for myself or my woman.”

As far as his relationship status is concerned, Ndlovu confirms that he’s currently on the market since he just got out of a relationship with a lady from Angola.

“I’m newly single. It was quite beautiful, I still think highly of her but things came to an end. I like dark-skinned women. Something exotic. Someone who is proud to be themselves, just in the way they carry themselves,” Ndlovu said.

“She was from Angola and those are some qualities that she possessed 100%. Of course, I’m looking right now. It would be unfair to measure up to my ex, but I’m looking for someone confident, doesn’t matter if they have natural hair or a weave. Someone beautiful, down-to-earth and smart. They don’t have to be famous. I don’t think I will ever date famous. I work in this industry, I don’t plan to date where I work. I like to keep my personal life on the hush.”

This past Friday, marked Ndlovu’s unexpected last episode on etv music show Club 808 opposite co-host Boity Thulo. He joined the show over a year ago, following the departure of Mo Flava, and he says he already has something in the pipeline, although he opted to keep mum on the details.

“It’s the end of a chapter. Sometimes you have to move to other things and I’m in the process of that at this moment. It has been a great couple of months, well a year or so. It has been a really great time. Every show has been magical, the chemistry has been real and the team has been amazing. Boity is staying, but it was my decision to leave. It’s time to move on to other things. I’m going to miss the team the most and the aviate fans,” Ndlovu expressed.

Last year April, Ndlovu joined the YFM family and when the station’s new radio line-up was announced in April this year, he scored an exciting slot weekdays between 00h00 – 03h00. He cites the radio spot as his greatest achievement to date.

“2016 has been an amazing years. It has been about steady growth. Just everything happening gradually at the right pace and at the right time. 2015 had its ups and downs, I’m not going to say I’m waiting for my downs. I’m just happy with how everything is going at the moment,” Ndlovu mused.

“A highlight has been my radio show on YFM, Monday – Friday.  It’s something that I do by myself. I’m the content producer, technical producer and the host of the show

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