Cops cheered after a mum gave birth to a baby boy at the Table View police station in Cape Town at the weekend.

Community Medics volunteer Kim Jurgens told News24: “I didn’t realise the 20 officers were all nearby and as I said congrats to the mother, cheers erupted.


“The dad had a beautiful blanket and booties with him, which he popped onto the baby. His face had a look of pride. I think I will remember that all my life.”

Kim was called out to the station around 3am on Sunday.

The woman and her husband, believed to be homeless, had presumably seen the station as a safe place where they would be helped, she said.

The medic put a jumpsuit over her pajamas and was there within minutes after getting the call.

She found the woman in labour in the main charge office and called an ambulance.

She moved the woman off to a private area and put a space blanket on the floor to make her more comfortable.

“Then she said she needs to push now and I got everything ready. The baby was born about 5.30am,” said Kim.

She kept an eye on the exhausted mum and her baby until the ambulance arrived. They were loaded onto a stretcher and taken away.

“It was very exciting and it’s so nice to be able to do something for my community, especially for those who don’t have access to private healthcare.”

-News 24

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