Controversial Kenyan bishop Gilbert Deya, who was in the news a few years ago over the “miracle babies” saga now claims to have discovered a cure for HIV and cancer.

Deya, who once proclaimed he could help couples conceive “miracle babies” through prayer, is now claiming to have the cure for HIV/Aids, cancer and fibroids.


Deya fled from Kenya in 2006 after he was caught up in a child trafficking saga, where he allegedly used to steal children from Kenyan slums and then sell them to British couples as “miracle babies”, said Daily Nation.

Efforts to have him extradited to face the child trafficking charges in Kenya hit a snag, and the preacher has since been living in the UK, where he runs a “successful” ministry in London, Liverpool, Manchester and other cities.

According to The Sun, Deya calls himself the “Archbishop of Peckham”.

His little secret is in a 750ml of extra virgin olive oil branded “Aldi”, which he is selling for £5. The same oil costs £1.99 in London supermarkets, the report said.

Deya advises people seeking a cure to use the “miracle oil” in food.

The oil is also said to help users overcome debt and cure infertility, with an investigation revealing that his son asked a couple to pay him £700 so he could pray for them to conceive.

Deya’s church’s objective is to comfort “those who are wounded, tormented spiritually, emotionally and physically, unwell with terminal illnesses leading to the dead end”, according to the its website.

Deya has also in the past been charged with three counts of rape in Britain.

According to reports, Deya was charged with rape, one count of attempted rape on an adult and one count of sexual assault on a 14-year-old girl.

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