WHEN the thug broke into the house the first time, his plan went off without a hitch.

And on Sunday he apparently thought he’d try his luck again.


But this time he got caught and received the beating of his life!

The foolish thug allegedly entered a house in C section, KwaMashu, north of Durban on Sunday and stole three cellphones in broad daylight.

A resident told Daily Sun he was parking his car when he saw the thug sneaking out of his house.

“He started running away but I chased after him. While I chased him he dropped one cellphone. I think he wanted to delay me, hoping I’d pick up the phone but I didn’t stop until I’d finally caught him,” said the resident.


thieve“I searched him and found two more cellphones on him.

“Other residents came out, some claiming he had also stolen from them.

“He admitted to stealing from my house last week,” said the resident, adding that the man confessed to stealing people’s cellphones, TVs and handbags.

“He asked to be taken to the Siyanda area where he had hidden the other things he stole,” said the resident, adding that the man also admitted to stealing his daughter’s handbag from her car.

“He took my daughter’s car keys, opened her car and stole her handbag and money.

“We didn’t see him that day. I think he returned because he thought it was easy the first time,” said the resident.

His daughter did not open a case.

Another resident said she’d had a plasma screen TV stolen from her house.

The residents said they don’t know what happened to the thug because they later released him even though he hadn’t given back their belongings.

Captain Nqobile Gwala confirmed a case of theft was being investigated by KwaMashu police.

“No arrests were made and investigations continue.

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