SHE was repeatedly punched, hit with a broomstick and forced to drink her own pee.

Her only crime was telling her friend’s mum about the abuse she suffered at the hands of her stepmother.


The eight-year-old from block C, near Komatipoort in Mpumalanga, had no choice but to flee her home two months ago.

 She lived in the bush for three days before a passerby helped her.

Rebecca Ndolovu (38) said when she saw the dirty and starving child she thought she was mentally disturbed.

eight-year-old“I told her I would take her home but the terror I saw in her eyes when I said that made me realise she had been through a very traumatic experience.”

The girl told Rebecca that her stepmother told her she hated her and she would not get any food.

“I told my friend’s mum what was going on and she confronted my stepmother. My stepmother was so angry she punched me and hit me with a broomstick. She then forced me to drink my urine.”Rebecca contacted social workers and the girl was placed in a home.

The girl’s aunt (40) said she had been hit with belts and made to eat her own poo since she was a toddler.

“I didn’t have a say because her father was always present when the abuse occurred.”However, the 30-year-old stepmother claimed the girl was making up stories.“Whoever she lives with now will see how naughty she is. And they will end up beating her.”

The girl’s father (33), who works in Joburg, said he would sort the matter out when he returned home.Mpumalanga social development department spokesman Ronnie Masilela confirmed the child was placed in a home.

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