Cell C in HOT soup with Dog Humping AD. Mobile Company Cell C has found itself in hot water with the Advertising Standards of South Africa (ASA) which has confirmed that it was “assessing” the advert after receiving over 150 complaints.

The Cell C ad shows a dog humping guy paying at the teller, buying petrol, paying for parking ticket as a way to portray how people are being screwed over.


The dog stops humping the man’s leg when he enters the ‘gates’ of Cell C.

The Advertising agency behind the much spoken about Cell C advert disagrees with remarks that it is offensive.

cell c ad

Stuart Stobbs from FCB ad agency said that they are standing behind the advert as they do not think it is offensive to anyone.

“We absolutely stand by it, I think we wouldn’t have created the ad if we didn’t believe in it and I think it’s talking to the truth in South Africa,” he said.

“We do feel we are being taken advantage of, that we are being ripped off in many places,” he said.

According to ASA’s Communications Officer Mpumi Mda, most of the complaints cited that the advert is “not suitable for children consumption” because it has been aired “during primetime”.

“I think whenever you do something that is a bit risqué there’s going be people that are offended. Do I think its offensive to children? Absolutely not,” Stobbs said

“There’s a dog which does what is quite natural to it and if that action is offensive then I don’t think anybody should take their kids to the Kruger Park because you see a lot of it in the wild,” explained Stobbs.

“It’s not like it’s something that’s unusual or unnatural, so I don’t think its offensive to children.”

Stobbs said that he does not get why people are getting upset over an advert that is basically showing how South Africans are being treated.

“I think what we should be getting upset about is how we are getting ripped off, not about the ad.

“If you looking around at South Africa now, it feels they are being taken advantage of in a number of different areas and we wanted to show that Cell C is one of the few that aren’t taking advantage and will offer great value,” said Stobbs.

Mda said that she cannot pre-empt the action they are going to take against Cell C as they are still assessing the complaints and the adverts.

She said that they will make a decision after receiving and assessing evidence from the complainants and Cell C.

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