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International News

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President Robert Mugabe

Zimbabwe’s Mugabe skirts retirement talk at burial of friend

Zimbabwe's veteran President Robert Mugabe on Saturday avoided the controversial subject of his future as he buried a senior political colleague and friend who...
Yemi alade

Yemi Alade to President Buhari after his comment that women are...

Yemi Alade challenges President Muhammadu Buhari after passing a comment that women are only good in the kitchen, living room and the other room. She mentioned...

Meet the man with 97 wives 185 children

FAMOUS Nigerian polygamist Mohammed Bello Abubakar (92) has shot down rumours of his death and says he is still “very much alive Mohammed has married...

UK bank denies shutting accounts of Russian TV channel

A British bank has denied reports it closed the UK accounts of RT, Russian state TV’s international channel. NatWest said a letter had been sent...

Mob attacks Fulani herdsmen in Nigeria

A mob has attacked Fulani herdsmen in Nigeria's restive middle-belt with an eyewitness saying Monday that fourteen people were "hacked and burnt" to death...

Donors contribute 98 percent of medicines to public health

Zimbabwe’s public health services sector is standing on the knife edge as almost all drug supplies are being provided by non-State humanitarian agencies. A principal...

Poll watchdog worried by tight voter registration timeline

The Zimbabwe Election Support Network (ZESN) is worried by the voter registration time frame that the electoral commission has announced. Rita Makarau, the Zimbabwe Electoral...

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