While some people applauded celebrities like AKA and Minnie Dlamini getting involved in the politics of this country‚ not everyone was impressed with AKA’s appearance at the ANC manifesto this past weekend.

Shortly after the rapper shared pictures of himself dressed in ANC regalia and rubbing shoulders with President Jacob Zuma‚ a full-blown political debate erupted on social media.


Some of AKA’s followers called him out for attending the rally‚ even accusing him of campaigning for the ruling party because of the money.

Never one to shy away from a debate of any sort‚ the rapper reiterated his political stance with more than a few clap backs.

On doing it for the money:

“I make more money in 30min, on stage than I’m being paid for weeks of campaigning. So how can it be about money?,” he tweeted.

AKA also tackled threats to boycott his music head-on. The rapper explained that if him interacting with the president of the country led to that‚ then “so be it.”

“If me shaking hands with the President of South Africa discourages you from buying my music, so be it.”



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Then things got personal when one follower told AKA that it was an open secret that the ANC pays celebrities well to attend their rallies.

AKA hit back asking the follower how much the ANC pays.

“I drive a 2mil Rand car, and go to sleep next to the #1 bossest b***h in the game …. How am I bothered fam?”

And then in true AKA style‚ he could not help but feel proud at the results of the political debate.

“Is there anybody in the world smarter than me? …. I don’t think so. I’m soooo clever and amazing.”

AKA campaigning for the ANC comes just two months after the rapper made it clear that he will not be performing at any DA or EFF events going forward. This led to the rapper and EFF leader Julius Malema getting into a heated debate on social media.

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