Two explosions have been heard at Brussels Airport, while a third has been reported at a metro station in the city near the EU building, reports say.

At least eleven people have died and several injured after two explosions rocked Brussels Airport in a suspected terror attack.


Witnesses described seeing ‘dismembered bodies everywhere’ after the blasts which are believed to have centred on the American Airlines check-in desk at around 8am (7am GMT).

There were reports that shouts in Arabic were heard in the building before the two explosion and shots were fired in the aftermath.

Around 90 minutes later, there were reports of another explosion at a Metro station near the EU headquarters in central Brussels.

Photographs from inside the arrivals hall showed the floor was covered in fallen roof tiles and dust as bloodied people hobbled out of the airport. Others injured were photographed lying on the floor.

Video also shows terrified passengers running for their lives out of the terminal.


I didn’t tell anyone. I was afraid of my father because he’s a very violent man. He continued demanding se_x daily from that day until I informed my mother. Police were informed and I was taken to hospital where nurses confirmed I was pregnant.”

The girl’s mother said she collapsed when she received a text from her daughter.

“I received a text from my daughter saying her father had raped her. I then made a police report, leading to his arrest.”

Dzira condemned the man’s behaviour saying he had no place in the community.

“You’ve reduced your daughter’s life to nothing but a trauma-filled experience that will haunt her forever. Her own father didn’t only rape her, but also impregnated her. The pregnancy was legally terminated but still you’ve destroyed her life.

“You killed your child and kept on piling up trauma in her life by demanding se_x from her, something which is taboo for sane humans,” said Dzira.

“Some animals behave better than you and there’s no way the girl was going to lie and claim you raped her. You’re therefore sentenced to spend 20 effective years in jail and there’s no reason why I must suspend any of those years.”

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