BONANG’S half sister has spoken out about making her own way as a celebrity in the entertainment industry.

According to Drum, Rambi Sechoaro (22) is determined to make it without using her famous older sister’s brand to get ahead.


The Miss South Africa 2016 contestant was quoted as saying: “I want to build my own brand and I never want to get jobs because of my half sister, I do however look up to her and respect her work ethic.




“My sister gave me a few tips on having a thick skin in order to survive in the industry, and I have learnt a lot from her success.”

Rambi has her own buzz going already, with local and international modelling contracts, and charity work filling much of her time. This she juggles with the demands of studying accounting science through Unisa.

But she is confident that her star is on the rise.

“The Miss SA platform and new-found celebrity status gave me a space to talk about the things that I am passionate about – modelling, children and being a businesswoman,” Rambi said.

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