There was a rumour several years ago that hip-hop artist Siya Metane‚ known as Slikour‚ had broken up with his girlfriend Bonang Matheba over Facebook.

The rumour spread like wild fire at the time but now‚ seven years later‚ the couple have set the record straight.


The pair met up at an event last weekend and got to chatting about their relationship: that’s when they buried the rumour once and for all.

“No. That’s not what it was. We’re just the kind of people that never feel the need to explain ourselves. So‚ we just sort of let the story run‚ even though it’s not the truth. We never found the time to rectify it six‚ seven years later but that’s not what it was‚” Bonang said.

Reflecting on their relationship‚ Bonang says that contrary to some media reports several years ago‚ Slikour was good to her.

“There’s so much you’ve done for me personally and for my career. There’s a lot of things people don’t know about us because of the kind of people that we are.”

“You were very good to me. To this day I will never speak ill of you‚ I’ll never say anything negative because you’ve never been an a**hole towards me and I appreciate that. You were very good to me and not a lot of people know that‚ but they do because I never say negative things about you. You’ve taught me so much.”

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