An alleged burglar was left worse for wear after a close encounter with a Boerboel at a Middelburg, Mpumalanga, home last week.

CCTV camera footage obtained by the Middelburg Observer  shows the man jumping over a fence and making his way towards the house


The dog confronts the man while he is under an awning where a trailer is parked. It snaps at him as it chases him around the garden.  The Middelburg Observer reported that when the owner returned home, she found the man standing on a table, screaming while the dog, Boela, tried to bite him. He had a metal rod with which he struck Boela several times.

He allegedly claimed he had not intended to break into the house, but wanted to see if there was something in the garden he could steal. She called police, who could not immediately come because they were busy with several accidents. An ambulance arrived and took the injured man away.

“Poor Boela was aching because of the blows [he got from the man], and everyone that was there promised him biltong and bones, but no one brought for him,” the owner said.

“So I bought mincemeat for R100 and cooked it for him to spoil him.”

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