WHEN the man dumped his wheelbarrow and ran away, security guards went to investigate – and what they saw made them jump back in horror.

The sack in the abandoned wheelbarrow contained a woman’s hacked up and foul-smelling corpse. It appears the man had dug up the corpse at a graveyard in Dumfries, Thulamahashe near Bushbuckridge in the early hours of yesterday morning.


The two guards said they were patrolling the railway line between Hokwe and Dumfries when they came across the man struggling with the wheelbarrow on the dirt road towards Dumfries at about 4am.

“When he saw the van, he fled into the bush,” said one of the guards. “When we drove past, he came back. We reversed and he ran away again.”

Body Found in Dumped Wheelbarrow

The guards found the woman’s corpse had been hacked into pieces and stuffed in the sack. The guards called the cops.

Samuel Sithole (65) identified the body as that of his sister-in-law, Andile Sithole, who was buried on 27 February.

Samuel and the cops followed the tracks and found other body parts that seemed to have fallen off the wheelbarrow. “We also found a shovel, a panga and a knife,” said Samuel. “The tracks led us to the graveyard where Andile’s grave had been dug up. The coffin had been broken open and the corpse was missing.”

Constable Sonile Usinga said a case of violation of a grave has been opened.

Anyone with information can contact Mhala Police Station at 013 773 0331.

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