Patrick is a threat to the Zama Zamas, Big Boy’s life is in danger and May stresses about her land claim. Gold Diggers, weekdays at 8PM on eTV.

Gold diggers



Morale fights

May convinces Patrick to become a Zama Zama. Big Boy’s attempts to make Nandipha jealous fails miserably, leading to a confrontation with her pimp. Ruth and May come to blows over parenting techniques.


Aged boss

Patrick is clearly a man to be reckoned with, and the leader of the Zama Zamas realises he may be a threat. Big Boy decides to get rid of Nandipha’s pimp, but Patrick prevents him from destroying everything. Strange relationships continue to grow in the homestead.


Unlikely alliances

Gideon’s desire to kill Big Boy is halted by Scar’s need for Patrick. May’s land claim plans can finally be paid for. Ronald is jealous of his brother’s relationship with his wife and tries hard to woo his wife back.

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Patrick puts his son in his place while getting into bed with Scar. Nandipha meets a new client who takes a real liking to her. Missing textbooks, new girls and strange packages bring trouble in the homestead.


Juggling issues

Tensions escalate between Patrick and Scar to the point that Scar decides to put someone’s life on the line. Nandipha is interested in buying time with her love. May stresses about her fraudulent land claim, while Lucky realises it’s not so easy to two-time the ladies.


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