During that insane season four finale of The Fixer , Mellie (Bellamy Young) was put through the emotional ringer with high highs and low lows. After winning her senatorial race, her victory could barely last a second before Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) threw her out of the White House once he found out about she and Andrew (Jon Tenney). However, when the hit series returns to ABC on Sept. 24, she isn’t going to take that kind of treatment lying down.
“I can’t imagine her saying, ‘well I accept,’” Bellamy told us about whether she believes Mellie will fight back in the new season. As far as the rest of Mellie’s life , Bellamy wants only the fiercest for her.

“I hope ultimately that Mellie is president and Fitz is by her side and he loves her so much again and they’ve weathered that Olivia (Kerry Washington) storm, and now they’re together and it’s happiness,” Bellamy said. Well, stranger things have happened. However, after that finale which saw Olivia and Fitz smooching it up, we’re not sure a happy ending for he and Mellie is right around the corner.


Regardless of what the future has in store for Mellie, though, Bellamy is grateful to be playing her. “Millie is the gift of a lifetime,” she said. “I never know what part I’ll serve in the narrative. I could be the good guy or be the bad guy. Bless our writing staff and bellamy-young-hollywoodlife-podcast-listen-lead, they make really complicated humans.” We couldn’t agree more.

So, Bellamy is amazing. Duh. But one not-so-amazing fact about her? She suffers from brutal migraines. Luckily, the super gal has a secret weapon. “Treximet has changed my life,” she told us. “I partnered with them to get the word out and to start the conversation about migraines. Everyone who suffers from these migraines should love themselves enough to go to their doctor and to have the conversation and get themselves the care and treatment that’s right for them.”

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